A Revolution In Scootering

Invented by scootering champion BitMan360 in 2018. ScooterCoin, and the innovative scootering device The ButterCup 3 follow a long and extensive evolution in activity based rewards allocation via ScooterChains sophisticated AI powered orbital recognition technology.  
How it works
It’s never been easier to get paid for scootering, with the innovative new ButterCup 3 you can earn ScooterCoins by performing cool tricks on your own Scooter. Every time you perform a trick on your Scooter, new ScooterCoins are mined and deposited into your own ScooterCoin wallet immediately.

You can spend your ScooterCoins on cool new Scooter hardware, clothing or just exchange them for other cryptocurrencies via an exchange. 


We work with some of the biggest names in the freestyle scooter industry, and have succesfully partnered with some of the majour brands in the USA, Australia and the UK. 
“I've never upped my scootering game as fast as i have with ScooterCoin.”

— Elaija Jilligne, Pro Scooterer - Flex Scooters
“Scootering is a way of life for me, with the ButterCup device my life is a scooter”

— Griffen soliphics, Pro rider at Sausage Scooters
“No innovation in the history of Scootering has come close to what BitMan has done with the ButterCup.”

— Reely Fashionly, CEO - Cognition Scooters

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Make sure you are the first to receive the ButterCup 3 and start earning while you're scootering. Shipping December 2020.

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You can mine KiC/SCOOT at hash-to-coins

You can trade KiC/SCOOT at FreiExchange

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